From Kindergarten to 7th Grade

This is advisable for families with children in the age category of Kindergarten to 7 th Standard. Selecting the right education board for your child at any stage can be quite daunting. We guide on the best fit for the child, based on the parent’s educational aspirations, coupled with the child’s innate drivers.

Every child is unique, this individuality demands a unique approach. One size cannot fit all. We understand this. We offer parental advise to raise successful kids.

Our team of educationists will guide young parents to become a mentor and a coach to their child. A life led by technology, new-age jobs, a huge cultural shift all demand that parenting becomes pragmatic. Our team coach young parents to tackle challenging issues and raise successful kids. We listen and design a strategic road map for parents to work with their children and address the root of behavioural and or academic-related problems.

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